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Roaster Workshops at the "Labo Equitable"

Sample RoastingThis two-day, intensive, hands-on workshop focuses on exploring and analyzing the many facets of coffee quality as experienced on the cupping table and in production and sample roasts. The course also provides generous insight into the specialty coffee industry from bean to the cup.

A truly “in-house” experience, these workshops are hosted at Coop Coffees’ very own “Labo Equitable” in Montreal and guided by our in-house cupper and roaster EJ Dawson.  The course concentrates primarily on coffees available through the coop.  It is open to any and all members interested in participating or sending members of roasting staff, associated partners and members of the public genuinely curious in coffee cupping and roasting. The workshop is a great way to learn the basics of quality control and to engage in a good dose of healthy and helpful roaster exchange!Guylaine pours

"The Roaster Exchange was an excellent opportunity to receive professional feedback on the quality of our coffees and roasting methods.  It was also very valuable to swap skills and methods with other roasters.  I think the exchange is a great forum for any roaster to improve their skills and gain confidence in their craft."

            - Jason Hill, Roastery Manager at Higher Grounds

The workshops are held usually on thursdays and fridays. Next scheduled workshop is March 1-2. If interested in participating, send an email to

Cost: $200 members, $250 non-members (Cost includes breakfast and lunch for both days)


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